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About Time

Help us build a 15 foot tall sundial! This timepiece will cast a long shadow over two surfaces: a large sundial on the ground as well as a smaller sundial on the face of the structure itself. We're looking for support to help us buy construction materials and to support the installation of this piece at Burning Man.

About Time is a large-scale art installation. We’re a team of folks, from the University of San Diego as well as the broader community. Our goal is to design, build, and install a super-cool piece of art that plays with a key concept in physics and philosophy. That concept is time. It turns out that while we organize our lives around time, we’re still working to understand this concept.

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Big Art _ Big Ideas

About Time is an art project about time, space, and the gods in-between.

What your money will do

Your support is invested directly into the product and process of creating and displaying this art. More broadly, we like to think that financial resources are one of the ways society can show its support for the arts. (If you'd like to support us by helping us get this mocked-up here on campus, let us know!).

Why support us?

This project isn't cheap, which is why we have written a number of grants. That money is important. But this is about more than the money, it's about inviting people to be part of the creative process. That's why we're also inviting supporters to design and build art that we'll take with us to the installation.