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Thank you for supporting the NSBE Chapter at the University of San Diego and investing in our academic and professional success! Your contribution to our endeavors brings us one step closer to having opportunities to fulfill our career goals, being exposed to a community of support in our fields, and enhancing our paths of individual growth. We can't wait to tell you all about our experience at the convention this year! Please scroll to learn more about NSBE and our conference plans!

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We are fundraising to help sponsor 20 USD students to attend the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) National Convention in Pittsburgh, PA on March 21st-March 25th. At the convention, students are able to make connections for possible internships, jobs, and research opportunities with over 300 companies who will be in attendance. After last year's convention, five USD attendees left with job/internship offers! This convention provides the inspiration, education, and connections we need to succeed as Black Engineers and students in STEM, but we need your help to get there!

Donations are applied to...

Donations will be applied to costs and expenses associated with sending 15-20 students from University of San Diego to the NSBE National Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. A breakdown of the cost is as follows:

Flight- $452.00 (round trip/person)

Hotel Rooms-$270.00 (per person, for 4 nights, 3 people to a room)

Food- $54 (per person/day, 3 meals - price est. based on food choices surrounding convention center)

Why are donations necessary?

Attending a convention as extraordinary as the NSBE National Convention is not only a great opportunity but also an honor and a privilege. What comes with this great opportunity, is a great expense, that we alone cannot incur. With the financial support and encouragement of community members, such as yourself, we have the potential to exceed any boundaries in reaching our fullest standards of success.

As a society, we have a national goal to have 10,000 black engineers graduated and in professional careers by 2020. This is a goal that is in alignment with our goals as a chapter on the University of San Diego campus: to have all of our engineers, despite any challenges we may face, graduate having both a diploma and career in hand. Your generous gift of any amount will directly impact our ability to achieve our goals. We thank you in advance.