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USD Jiu-jitsu and Combat Sports Club thanks you for visiting our fundraising page. We are a club sport competing in competitions open to any and all teams from San Diego, and across the country. We are one of the only collegiate combat sports clubs in the nation, and it is our goal to make a name for ourselves and our school in competitions, as well as pave the road for other colleges to start teams of their own. In order to push ourselves forward and reach our goals for success we need the proper equipment and qualified coaches. While the University of San Diego can get us in the right direction we NEED your help to get us to the finish line. Any help you can offer will set us on the path to success. Thank you for visiting our page and helping us to achieve our goals!

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The USD Jiu-jitsu and Combat Sports Club is in need of your help! We are a brand new club on campus. This spring we are raising funds to pay for new mats and a full-time coach in the fall. Anything helps, and we are truly grateful for your support. Your donations have a lasting impact on our team and on our future.

Donations are applied to...

1. Coach Dues (~$700): Our main goal is to be able to hire an experienced coach for the fall. We want to be able to pay our coach/coaches a fair hourly wage that is comparable to pay they would receive at a certified gym. We want our members to learn techniques from an excellent instructor, regardless of whether they compete or not.

2. Mats (~$500): Because our club has grown so much over the last semester, we have found that we no longer have mat space to accommodate everyone at practice. Additionally, the mats we currently have are falling apart at the seams and have resulted in a few minor injuries. New mats would greatly ensure the safety of our members’ toes, and raise the quality of our practices.

3. Competition Dues (~$150): Competition dues can range anywhere from $65-150. Competing is a huge stepping stone for members to apply their skills in a real, competitive environment. We want to be able to help our students who wish to compete achieve their goals by raising enough to help them cover their dues.

4. Uniforms (~$150): Jiu-jitsu competitions have very strict rules on uniforms. We want our members to have a unified look, while making sure their uniforms are competition approved.

Why are donations necessary?

The USD Jiu-jitsu and Combat Sports Club is a new club, and as a new club, we don’t yet have a sizeable account. The club has to allocate money for competition travel costs, uniforms, gear, and a coach salary. Unfortunately, the campus recreation center and member dues are unable to cover all of these costs. Our dues are one of the lowest of the campus recreation sports clubs on campus. This allows martial arts to be accessible to a greater range of students. Any contribution would be gladly appreciated. Your donations will help guide the USD Jiu-Jitsu and Combat Sports Club to success.