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Thank you for taking the time to visit the USD Men's Lacrosse fundraising page! Your donations will help expand a program that will continue to provide USD students with the opportunity to have a collegiate lacrosse experience. Our team has a strong history within the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association, winning 2 National Championships within the past 10 years. With your support, you can help us continue this tradition of excellence. We thank you again for visiting our page and taking the time to support our program. Go Toreros!

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The USD Men's Lacrosse team is in need of your help! The combined funds from Associated Students and player dues are not sufficient to cover all expenses as our program grows. Your support will allow us to purchase necessary new equipment such as uniforms, goals, and nets, as well as provide us the opportunity to live stream all of our games! All donations are tax deductible and we greatly appreciate any support!

Donations are applied to...

1. New equipment. Your gift will allow us to purchase new equipment including new uniforms, new helmets, and gloves.

2. Team Transportation Fees

3. Live Streaming of Games

4. Referee Fees

5. Athletic Trainer Fees

6. National Championship Costs

Why are donations necessary?

As a club sports program we receive minimal funding from USD, forcing us to rely heavily on player dues to cover all of our expenses. Some years, this isn't enough, and it becomes necessary to look to our fans and supporters for help.

The majority of our dues go to paying referees, tournament fees, travel and lodging expenses, and equipment. With the help of your donations, we will be able achieve such things without having to raise the out-of-pocket cost for each player, ensuring that our team remains accessible to all USD students.